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Having acquired the RRSYS roulette system from RRSYS, I want to write an independent review base on my own experiences of using the system. I will do my best to make an unbiased review by backing up my assessment with real analytical data and comments made by the creator himself from his YouTube channel.

 First let me clarify RRSYS is not a roulette system as Per Se. It isn’t a roulette system that can  overcome the house edge which can be verified by maths (this is confirmed by what the system seller have said himself ‘’so it’s not a typical system or strategy you may find on-line, it’s my own info rather than a system I would not otherwise know how else to share this without calling it a ‘’system’’). What it does consist of are instructions telling you the most appropriate time to bet and which numbers are likely to come in based on previous pattern of results or just following current trends, for that reason, mathematically it doesn’t make any sense because the edge is not quantifiable 

The closest I can compare RRSYS to is a dealer signature system. I have used many dealer signature systems before and there is only a slight difference between them all. I would go as far as saying I do feel slightly cheated because these types of systems can be found and discussed on roulette forums if you know exactly where to look.

A similar technique is used in RRSYS 


Sorry due to copyright infringement I have removed some of the contents of this blog, date of removel (27/01/2017). This was a direct request from the system creator himself. I got this information from this website google asked me to go to findout who has been making complaints against the info I have released on this blog:-

What I can see from my observations on their videos and using RRSYS myself is one of the techniques used in the RRSYS system is 'SIMILAR' to an old technique described as ''pocket counting'' which was freely made available in roulette forums more than ten years ago. The pocket counting method is about using the number of pockets counted from the last number as an indicator to pick your next winner. 


Pocket counting is an old age dealer signature system, it focuses mainly on following the trend/s of a ''consistent dealer''. If you are familiar with the term ‘dealer signature’ then RRSYS is more or less comes under the same umbrella of systems that takes advantage of the dealer’s signature when they arise or by just following current trends. This means if you’re not following or predicting trends but you’re waiting for trends to occur before you play, a lot of the time you will not be playing but spent waiting for certain patterns to appear and when you spot them (these trends may not happen in your favour for days) you are to bet in sync with the noticeable pattern or sequence detected. If the patterns continue to happen then you’re onto a winning session if not then you will take a hit.

I'm not going to explain the actual technique in detail, but you maybe able to find more in depth explanation on popular roulette forums on pocket counting. 

You maybe able to spot a SIMILAR technique used in one of their videos below:-


Here's my thought on this. Although the big win above you see is undeniably alluring. But be very cautious, because possibly due to a glitch on that particular online casino, people have suggested on forums there was a period where names of fun play accounts were also announced on the winners board along side the names of winners of 'play for real' accounts.  If that's the case, then this would be the perfect scam, how? all one has to do is bet from small - big, but in his case big- maximum using a basic dealer signature system and keep playing until a certaiin pattern you are predicting will repeat while filming it the whole time and stop filimg or log off straight after the pattern has occured. The turth is, if you play long enough, the chances are certain patterns will repeat itself (1-4 spins consecutive spins), it's only a matter of time this will happen, and when it does happen, sign off/stop filming. Notice he doesn't continue to play after each brief winning session.

Also bear in mind that the only big wins he has ever uploaded up were filmed from that one particular online casino only, which may further support what other people are saying about the possible glitch.

Below  is a video the system seller uploaded in which he claims he won big (£50,000) on the same scale of the first video above, but unfortunately its totally bogus. In the video below, he never shows him win that amount, its only in the title!. It looks like he is trying to plug the holes in his story. 

I have tested the system enough to know to achieve those big wins you will have to have lost the same amount to get there, this is because you only see winning sessions in all of his videos, so you have no idea of the amount he'd lost. Just imagine you go to any casino and play any system, whether if it gives you an edge or not, you're not going to lose every time, time to time you will win. You need to ask yourself this, how many times when you have gone to the cash desk to cash in a large amount of money and punters at the cash desk assumes you're winning? or when the next person beside you at the tables see you get lucky spin after spin and they assume you know something that makes you a regular winner? do you see how easy it is to be perceived as a winner.

The rest of the blog which isnt affected continues below:-

The system in my opinion is a simple dealer signature system. And there will be a chance of you losing due to the fact trends are not guaranteed to repeat. The idea is consistent dealers  may create patterns or trends which could have a tendency to be repetitive. Like with all dealer signature systems they work time to time because there are certain criteria that have to be met before a single bet is placed. There is no skills involved. The system it’s not scientific. The margin isn’t quantifiable.

From my experience I can miss as many times as I can hit. How often I hit depends on luck as much as the consistency of the dealer and whether if the trends will repeat. There’s no guarantee I will win. I find, due to having to qualifying a wheel, the system is limited. But under the right circumstances I have experienced winning sessions which I feel (after playing a lot more sessions) is no more frequent than if I were to play blindly. Its certainly not anything like the frequency you would experience in the videos you see on the RRSYS You-tube channel found here:- RRSYS YT Channel

What you see on the You-tube channel are most likely just the recordings of the winning sessions which are undeniably alluring due to the amount of money won.

The conclusion.


RRSYS can be right for players with good discipline and patience. You will win time to time with good returns providing if patterns repeat. If you can avoid loses in-between your wining sessions, you may be able to obtain a margin. Compared to other roulette systems Rrsys wouldn’t be my first choice. Personally I prefer to play pit games with a definite edge. I play poker quite often so I understand what it means to have an edge (over my opponent) and how that translates into profits.

A treat. Out of many gambling related videos on YouTube. These are some of my favourites (in no particular order) I find are the most interesting..



  1. Save your money people. Its just an old dealer signature system revamped. Very clever marketing though.

  2. If the dealer is starting his spin at a different # every time how does this system even work? For this to work doesn't it have to start the ball spin at the same # on the wheel as it passes?

  3. How does this even work? If the dealer spins the ball at a different starting point every time how can you use this system?

  4. thanks for info..really helpful...u really gave me relief n peace..stay blessed

  5. thanks for info..gave me relief n peace...thx for saving me

  6. yes it could be some thing like dealer signature..wat else..thanks for sharing this info infact sharing ur money with us..bcz u paid to buy this system but now u exposing it.thanks


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